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  2. (Spanish, bad woman). A vulgar, ugly, stunted servant-wench, whom Don Quixote mistakes for a lord's daughter, and her “hair, rough as a horse's tail,” his diseased imagination fancies to be “silken threads of finest gold.” (Cervantes: Don Quixote.) Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E.
  3. THE MARITORNES EPISODE (DQ: I, 16): A CER VANTINE BEDROOM FARCE by Henry Mendeloff Of the many genres essayed by Cervantes in his "polygeneric" Quijote, perhaps the one which best epitomizes the burlesque humor which Auerbach, 1 Russell, 2 and Swanson 3 assert to be the spirit which largely informs the book, is the bedroom farce in which.
  4. Era Maritornes la moza asturiana tuerta de un ojo y del otro no muy sano que yendo al encuentro de su amante arriero, se topo con él Porque al rozarte siento miedo, amor, de despertar y no oir tu voz. Y que al llegar el alba a tu ventana, abra los ojos y solo este yo. Porque al rozarte siento miedo, amor, de despertar y no oir tu voz.
  5. English Translation of “maritornes” | The official Collins Spanish-English Dictionary online. Over , English translations of Spanish words and phrases.
  6. The dynamics of characterization in Don Quixote has been discussed in the previous section. After considering something of the generalized processes of development, it is useful to consider some of the characters themselves. has perhaps the most personality of any woman in the novel. Maritornes, the scullery wench, is a vivid exception.
  7. The 'Maritornes': A Tavern of Fascist Prostitutes by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. December 26, Prefatory Note. The implications of the recent Maritornes incident should impel us to refine and upgrade the indispensable practice of our association's counterintelligence functions, functions on which our continued existence as an association, and.
  8. In the meantime, Maritornes makes a secret date with a muleteer guest also staying in the attic for later that night. In Sancho’s clever and apt description, knight-errantry makes it possible for a beggar to become a king, and a king a beggar: it dashes though all social boundaries.

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